Long Island Neighborhood and School Information

Looking for Long Island Neighborhood and School information?

Use the search options below and Sperling’s Best places will run a report for you. You can also find the same information on http://bestplaces.net. There are many excellent resources for local information. I urge everyone to always independently verify a neighborhood they want to purchase property in. Call the local schools, precincts, fire departments, and EMT service providers.
Check cell service maps, local transportation, municipal properties and more.
Use the property resources links located on every page of this website, and if you feel there is a resource that should be listed.. let me know!

Long Island is a diverse and wonderful place.

If you ever feel discriminated against, please, speak up and take action by filing a complaint.
NYS Deptartment of State
(518) 474-4429
NYS Division of Human Rights (844) 862-8703